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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender


Color: Black
- Model No.: 1825
- Speeds: Up to 240 MPH
- Volts/Watts: 120 volt, 50/60 Hz 12 amps (North America)
- Cleaning & Care: Container: add 5 cups warm water and one or two drops of dishwashing detergent and place back on the motor base. Run machine for 30-60 seconds in high speed. Turn machine off and rinse and drain the container. Wipe exterior with damp cloth.
- Warranty: 7-year full warranty – Industry's best

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Customer Review

I have been checking out Vitamix online for years now. The thought of paying more for a blender than I did for my first car, was too intimidating.

Two weeks ago right in the middle of pureeing a large batch of soup, my two year old Breville stopped. My husband checked and the bearing was frozen and couldn't be repaired. Since I wasn't that crazy about the Breville ($199), and the fact that it only lasted for 2 years with moderate use, I knew that I had to start all over again choosing another brand. I then spent time online AGAIN checking out various brands and models, and decided to go for the 750, figuring that if it didn't meet my high expectations, which were really high, especially at this price, I would return it.

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So off we went to the mall to the one store that carried the 750. The price was the same as Amazon, and I needed it NOW.

I have used it at least once daily for two weeks and I appreciate it more with each use. Since then, by reading more reviews and other online sources, I have learned new things about Vitamix and the 750, and I am so glad that I went for the top of the line. I thought maybe the pre-sets and the speed might be overkill – but I have used all of the features and glad I went in that direction. Of course next year they will come out with something else that may or may not be better, but probably more expensive, but truthfully unless it vacuums the house and does the dishes, I can't think of any more features or power that I would use.

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